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Tired of other IO games? Try Limaxio

Have you tried Slitherio? It’s a game very similar to Snake Xenzia and the only the difference is that it can be played online. In fact, Slitherio is very popular among those gamers who want multiplayer on the go. However, you might be tired of Slitherio so there’s something new waiting for you. It’s Limaxio!

Limaxio is made mostly for those who love online multiplayer snake games.If you are a big fan of Slitherio, there’s no doubt you will love Limax. The game features a snake which has to move around the map and collect the dots in order to grow big. Once you land at the menu of the game, you will find quite a lot of tabs like ‘Theme’, ‘Difficulty’, etc. Currently, 4 themes (Candy, Space, Ice and Dark) are available for the game but new themes are on their way.

If you are on a slow connection, you can choose to play the game on a lower visual. Of course, you can choose the color of your snake so this game quite like an advanced version of the existing snake games out there. Choose a nickname and press on that ‘Play’ button to get started!


The instructions for playing the game are available on the site itself but let me summarize those points here:
If you want to speed up your sanke, just press LMB and yeah, your snake will also leave traces of poison so this might make any sanke after you end up in vain. The other instructions aren’t that important and remember the game is no different than Slitherio. You can also choose your region before starting the game.

Limaxio Android is also available for Android so the fun moves with you in your pocket. Just make sure you have a solid internet connection and you are ready to grow big. If the game lags on your device, you are probably on a weak network connection. Did I tell you about the low visual mode available for the game? Only turn down the graphics if you are having hard time streaming the game. or Limaxio Unblocked

Have you heard about unblocked games? Well, if you work in a office then your boss has probably made restricted all those online gaming sites. In that case, if you try to directly access multiplayer gaming sites like and then the page might not load and you might end up with a message…

This site has been (you know what)… Unblocked games are designed to work in those situations. Limaxio unblocked will be available soon so you will also be able to play the game at your workplace in no time. Don’t worry about the network restrictions.

Did you love Limaxio? What’s your highscore? Let us know in the comments below!